Chocolate For Cat Lovers -Like Me!

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2013-04-04 14.57.37Recently, I popped into Hannafords Market in Kingston, Massachusetts, and a candy bar jumped out at me off the shelf, it looked sooooo Cute too, decorated with creative cat art and the package design was absolutely adorable! It was a Theo Chocolate bar called ‘Bread and Butter’ they’re made in Seattle Washington.

It has 70% dark chocolate, which I don’t usually like a percentage of dark chocolate that high, but it was delicious. Why? It was pared with toasted breadcrumbs in the mix. As the company states “… it (is) blended with buttery, toasted artisan breadcrumbs and just the perfect touch of salt?” This bar was also classified as USDA Organic, and Fair Trade! All I can say is GOOD KITTY!

They have another one on their website that has kitty packaging called ‘Fig, Fennel and Almond, that one sounds like one I have to try soon.

They seriously have the most adorable artistry and I love they cat theme on my chocolate!  Check out their website for more information https//, or stop in at Hannafords and see if they have them in the specialty section.

theo chocolate

Another bar with Cat Packaging, in Theo Chocolates Fantasy Line of Bars

Plymouth Area Cat Lovers To Enjoy Best Thanksgiving Day Parade Ever

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Im so excited to be volunteering for the PACTV shoot on Saturday nov 23 doing Social Media Reporting on facebook and twitter for the team. If you’re a Plymouth resident or live in one of the surrounding towns make sure you come down to watch the parade, we will be Tweeting updates, and news from the PACTV Crew van-it will be very excited! Come bundled up as it will be a cold day. See You There. Tonia

Tuesday Nov 19th SALE Items Added

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The kitty’s slept while I added a few more items to my Shopping cart for cats. All the items are marked down from what they were originally and in some cases I may only have a limited quantity. Go to

petmassagerFirst one that’s been added is the Pet Massager. This is now only $4.99 from $12.99




The next one is the Cozy Warming Mat for cats. This is an awesome item for the colder nights or for an arthritic cat. Simply microwave the buckwheat center and place inside the mat in their bed and I only have 2 left and they’re only $6. each!




The third item online is the Spa Kitty Catnip Toys-they’re are own designs, and they come in a variety of spa colors and designs. spa kitty catnip toys, catnip toys, feline aficionada, kitty playtime,

We sell our products online with payment handled by PAYPAL, you can use your credit card and or your Paypal account. We ship the next day!

Let me know if you have any questions about the products for your cats. by email at

The Pill Book Guide Every Cool Cat Must Have

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Pill Book Guide

Must Have!

It’s Sunday, your regular veterinarian is closed, when you wake up you notice that your cat is suffering from some uncomfortable diarrhea-maybe it was the new cat treats, or a change in diet, or maybe your cat is like one of mine-he attacks me for goldfish snack.

Regardless, Sunday’s always seem to be the day when cats get sick or have emergencies-and although diarrhea isn’t usually an emergency for an otherwise healthy cat, a good mom will want to do whatever it takes to help her kitty feel better.

This is a purrfect example why having the Pill Book Guide to Medication For Your Dog and Cat, by Bantam Books, is a must have resource to look up medications and confirm their use for cats at home when you can’t call the tech till Monday.

A few months ago, my cat Mr. Earl was having this exact ailment, and his veterinarian prescribed Metronidazole to help control his diarrhea and vomiting. As a multi-cat owner, I have a lot of pet medication bottles in my cabinet, and when this situation came up again this week, I couldn’t remember which of the medications was for the diarrhea-because the bottle instructions just listed :give 1 capsule twice daily by mouth,-it didn’t add-for diarrhea and vomiting. See my dilemma?

I opened the Pill Book and looked up the two medications registered to Mr. Earl, and I was able to find and confirm that Metronidazole “…may be used in treating certain kinds of diarrhea and in inflammatory bowel disease of unknown cause.” (A quote from the book)

The Pill Book Guide is also useful for looking up the common brand names for the drug, what type of drug it is, the prescribed use, general information, cautions and warnings, usual doses, special uses and limitations, and especially if it’s safe for felines or not!

Disclaimer-this book isn’t meant to be used to diagnose any cat, or take the place of a trained veterinarian, it’s simply a resource to help pet owners become more equipped about the medication’s they give and use around their pets. If your cat is sick don’t hesitate to seek emergency help or visit an animal ER like:

I found interesting information on products like Advantage, Amox Tabs, Benadryle, HeartGuard For Cats, Laxatone, and more-it’s such a fun book to read!

If you already use this book on a regular basis, please post a comment and let me know what you think!

Tips For Creating A Cat Safe Enclosure

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Here’s some cool pictures of my cats enjoying their outdoor space.

Some cats really love to go outside.

Sophia in run

Sophia Enjoying The Outdoors

Maybe it’s the thrill of freedom, the dream of catching mice to bring home to mom or dad, or the smell of the fresh summer air -but the wild outdoors seems to attract kitties of all ages. Unfortunately, being outside can also hold many pitfalls for cats. Even the cutest feline can expect to attract external parasites like fleas and tics and internal parasites like Hookworm and Roundworm-so yucky!
Outdoor cats also have a higher rate of veterinary emergencies than their indoor counterparts-bite wounds, open sores, limping, ear mites, ingesting poisons like anti-freeze, and more, are all common complaints that I’ve seen first hand while working at veterinary emergency hospitals.

Here’s a great way to compromise!

As an owner of four cats I understand the desire to share the outdoors with my kitties that’s why I created the most purrfect outdoor enclosure for them-they have fun and it keeps them safe. I call it the ‘Cat Run” but it could be called a Kitty Patio or Play Pen.

First, find a dog kennel or pet pen. The best kennel frames are the ones that are strong and will withstand all kinds of weather. I used a 12′x 6′ dog kennel, they can be found at your local hardware store, fence company, some pet stores and let’s not forget about Ebay or Craigslist!

Choosing The Best Type of Enclosure

There are a variety of creative styles of cat runs you could create, and choosing just which kind for your situation will have a lot to do with the type of cat you have, how many cats you have, what kind of space you have to work with, your budget and skill level. I say this because you can get very creative once you let your mind start dreaming  about what you could create.

I’ve had two types of cat safe enclosures, a dog kennel run, and a wall climb. However, there are a TON of cat safe enclosure types and I recommend doing an internet search for ideas or going to Cats Of Australia Website where they’re compiled a few really cool pictures of a variety of lavish outdoor cat spaces.

Dog Kennel Converted to Cat Run!

cat run with frame

The first time, I framed the top with 2×2′s and made the left side raised higher to fit a cat tunnel that you can see on the right on the picture. This was great because I was able to stand up in it, it has a nice spacious ceiling, and the cats loved it.


My favorite is the twelve by six dog kennel, because it has a good amount of space for the cats and its very secure.  They come in different sizes, I have a 12 x 6 dog kennel, but I often think that a smaller one would work very well too!








 Wall Climb Enclosure.

cats in mini cat shelfA Wall Climb Exposure is built onto the side of your home near a cat door, shelves can be built so they can climb up high and they get some fresh air at the same time but they’re safe inside.  I had one built onto the side of my home  and it worked nicely for the time, but I didn’t think about having a hinge on the front until after it was built, so I wasnt able to open it up and take out my cats when they were being territorial. But if you have one or two cats this would be a nice option -with a hinged open door on front!







Setting Up The Cat Run!

cat run

You’ll need to decide which end will be placed up against your home, and remove the inner fencing. This will allow access to a window, or cat door.

Third, Close Up  and cover the opening at the top. I now have transitioned to using three panels of plastic green house sheets screwed to a frame made of 2 by w’s. In the past I’ve also used two rolls of chicken wire mesh the long way and connected them in the middle with wire. Then I used 1′ plastic electrical ties to secure the chicken mesh to the top of the kennel. This is the easiest and quickest way if you’re cats are in a hurry.






Decorate The Space

Finally-it’s time to decorate the space. I outfitted our cat run with beautiful thick sod, added a dog house so my cats can get out of the elements, a park bench so I can sit inside with them, and an outdoor solar light. Catnip and other cat safe plants should be placed just outside the run so they have a chance to grow before being eaten down to the nub! The cats love old wicker furniture they can scratch it to pieces.

Remember, although creating an outdoor enclosure will reduce your cats chances of getting parasites, it won’t eliminate it. That’s why I would recommend continuing to apply a monthly topical parasite prevention-as your vet instructs. All my cats love our outdoor run, from the baby to the senior cats-they fly in and out of the cat door all day. I’m happy knowing they can enjoy some time outside-safely!


alice peanut in run

If you have any questions about creating a unique outdoor enclosure for your home, please post a comment below and I’ll respond.

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