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Cat Expose' a segment of the upcoming episode of Purr View TV Show is uploaded to I went in search of the Feline Lifestyle at the 2012 Amazing Pet Expo in Wilmington MA. We interviewed Patty Welch Marketing Manager for Amazing Pet Expo  and she gave an overview of what cat lovers would enjoy at the expo.

We were excited to find Chrissy from A Helping Paw  in Buzzards Bay.  She spotlighted the humorous 2013 New Year's Calendars designed by Ernie's Cats from Facebook. The calendar is a fundraising tool to help support their shelter. They also discussed their unique shelter/store that supports the cat adoption center.

Cat Expose explores and how Kitty Connection  from Medford Massachusetts uses it as a tool to promote the pets they have for adoption.

Finally, we found an excited Deb from A Paws 2 Celebrate while we played with some of her colorful catnip toys.

I was hoping to find chocolate lollipops in the shape of cats somewhere in the vendor area- but there weren't any! Regardless  "I had a very fun time and really enjoyed the opportunity to video the show, interview people on camera and as always trying to get cats some face-time!"

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Produced at PACTV in Plymouth MA Producer/ Host Tonia Evans Videographer Dustin Fleming/ColorCycle Video Event Organizer Amazing Pet Expos  
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