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  • February 12, 2019 9:56 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

    Pet Industry Videos, Produced For PCN by Tonia Fleming 

     Morningstar animal hospitalPapas Pet projectpapas pet supply storepcnpet food labelstonia evansTonia Fleming

    Have you ever felt confused by pet door labels? They are truly a marketing puzzle to me. I interviewed Dr. Lee from Morningstar Animal Hospital in Kingston for some tips on reading pet food labeling and the rules that drive the content on the labels. This segment aired on PCN -Pactv Community News Show on march 2 2017. Special thanks to Papa’s Pet Project Pet Supply Store in Manomet for letting me film b-roll and their store cat Doc, for this segment.

  • September 16, 2016 9:59 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

    Produced by Tonia Fleming for PACTV Community News

    September is Happy Healthy Cat Month, and I thought it would be fitting to interview a local veterinarian about the benefits to brining your cat to the vet and what they are looking for when during the visit. This kitty was happy to accommodate me and Dr. lee from Morningstar Animal Hospital, Kingston, Massachusetts. I got a great story – including b-roll that supported the segment, which aired on PACTV – Community News show last week. For more information on their great show, and to let them know you enjoy watching cat content and pet stories, go online to!

  • February 13, 2014 8:34 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)
    Preparing Raw Food Diet For Cats – With Bonita Flakes FEBRUARY 13, 2014 BY FELINE AFICIONADA

    FEBRUARY 13, 2014 BY 


    Preparing a raw food diet is cutting edge but not for the faint at heart. Some cats may not eat raw food when first introduced, but trying a variety of meats like Mutton, Rabbit, or Mouse (yes there is a company that offers fresh ground raw mouse. It is natural for them to eat mouse, after all!) A key in picking a raw blend that will work for your cats taste.

     If you still need some enticing why not try adding a healthy topper-like delicious Bonita Flakes. While raw food has many advantages and health perks for felines – the whole concept of feeding raw meat is still very hard for some cat owners to wrap their heads around. Some reactions include “I just can’t imagine giving my cat raw meat” to “it’s gross.” 

    Truth be told I had the same reaction. After seeing some of my clients and friends cats rebound from health issues and seeing a shiny new coat emerge when their coats were so, so- it’s getting more difficult to ignore the fact that raw food may have something to offer and those benefits outweigh the initial ‘YUCK’ factor. Feeding raw foods to animals is not a new concept really, and I’ve even know pet owners who cook homemade meals. 

    While opponents to raw and homemade foods for pets claim that they aren’t balanced, some pet owners do a lot of pet nutrition research before undergoing a diet change for their cats. But once they decide that raw food and a meat based diet is the way to go for their cat, the challenge seems comes when implementing the new food slowly and figuring out just how you’re going to begin handling raw food on a daily basis.

     Here’s a tip from Feline Aficionada Tonia Evans, professional cat sitter, from Massachusetts. “I have clients that are feeding raw food, I defrost the frozen meat, which is the size of an ice-cube, by leaving it in the fridge overnight, and the next day, I divide it into bite size chunks. One of my clients suggested that her cat loves it when the Bonita flakes get put on top- the cat seems to love that!” Here are her step by step instructions for creating a Chef inspired raw creation.

    1. Step One: Defrost Meat  You can easily defrost the cube of meat or small package of frozen raw food overnight in the fridge on a plate. 

    2. Divide Meat Divide the meat into bite size chunks.

    3. Add Toppings Sprinkle Bonita Flakes on each chunk and Smush in.

    4. Serve! Disclaimer: please speak with a veterinary nutritionist before changing your cats diet- every cat has unique needs and you would need to have a healthy balanced diet.

  • January 25, 2014 7:59 AM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

    JANUARY 25, 2014 BY 

    Water fountains for cats are becoming much more common in households of every budget.

    That’s probably because cat lovers know that keeping their cat healthy starts with good food and fresh clean water.
    • Clean Water
    • Less Contaminates
    • Cats Are Attracted To Fountain Experience
    • Water Tastes Better
    • Special Needs Cats Drink More Stay Healthy
    • They Look Cool
    What better way to get clean water for your cat than by providing a water fountain with a filter to clean out contaminants. You can find all types of fountains online, at petco, and in specialty catalogs. The second reason I think that cat water fountains are a big hit is because cats seem to be drawn to the constant flow of moving water. It has an appeal for a lot of indoor cats- and it can encourage kittys to drink more often -I’ve seen it first hand. Cats with medical conditions such as kidney disease can benefit from drinking more water and a home water fountain is a great idea to try. I also think it tastes better. Like tap water verses spring water.

    Pumps Get Blocked with Fur

    Unfortunately, cat fur can block the filter and cause the pump to start making a slightly annoying sound and stop the water flow all together. It’s an easy fix though. The first time I had to clean one out- I thought it was as easy as rinsing out the inside of the pump and filter area and covering it back up. But it wasn’t. However, It dosen’t take long to really clean out the filter and the pump when the water stops flowing- it takes an extra step but fixes the water flow immediately!

    Easy Fix

    Here’s how the water fountain looks in each step and I will walk you through each step of taking it apart and cleaning it. Here’s what one of the ceramic cat water fountains looks like when it stops flowing-notice very little water coming out of the top. And it was making a annoying noise. (Plus kitty likes to play in the water so the water level is low, and the pad underneath is wet. Here is an example of what a cat water fountain looks like when it’s ready to be cleaned. The next step is to unplug it from the wall, and take it over to the sink and drain any water out of it. Then remove the top ceramic fountain -it just lifts off. This is what the fountain base looks like when the fountain top is removed and the water is drained. There is a plug that goes into the pump under the cover and the pump filter assembly looks like a shell, with little suction cup feet keeping it in place.

    It’s a good idea to take a picture of the layout so you can reassemble it later you’ll know exactly how to reposition the pump and the cord and the little hole where the water comes up, back in place for your particular fountain piece. What you see now is a pump and a water filter. The pump circulates the water and the water filter cleans the water of contaminates.

    The next step is to remove the filter assembly. Check for cat fur underneath and on the filter. Rise with water.

    There are three places to clean with water and check for fur.

    The first is to remove the filter and clean it off with water. The second is to lift up the pump and check the side for hair stuck to the intake area, and the third is to clean out the shell so any hair or dirt or slimy water slime is disinfected out. I encourage you to keep your particular models instruction pamphlet, so you can follow the cleaning instructions closely. I only clean it with warm water and I haven’t used soap on the filter I have cleaned the little shell case and the ceramic fountain with warm water a light soap.

    This is the pumps intake area, there is ALWAYS cat hair here, you may not see it clearly but there’s cat hair there. Wash it off or use a paper towel to remove it from the spaces in between the intake area. Now that everything is removed you can clean out the base of the shell assembly and then put everything back into place.

    Now you can clean the fountain. Making sure to clean off any slimy spots and get out any cat litter, dirt from cats playing in it, or cat hair in the bowl and you’re ready to put it all back together again. Once you have put everything back into place, close the cover on the shell assembly, Replace the ceramic fountain cover, matching up the hole from the pump, and fill with water to the fill line.

    After your first try at it, this process should only take five minutes. If you have cats that love it as much as my furry friends do, you’ll need to be quick. Mine was waiting for me.

  • June 03, 2011 8:40 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

    Decisions, decisions, for the vacationing cat!

    Have you ever had an upcoming trip schedule only to realize you needed to make arrangements for your cat while you’re away? During my interview on PACTV Community News I shared what’s involved with each type of services, hoping top help cat lovers decide wether to hire a local professional cat sitter verses deciding to board their cat.

    I shared the pros and cons about each service, how they affect the cats and the three-step process for choosing a cat caregiver for either situation.

    A cat sitter is like having a staff person that will come to the home and care for the cats every need. While boarding your cat offers somewhat around the clock care for cats that get very lonely or have a special need. 

    If you have any questions please post a comment or reach out to me by email at

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