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How To Prepare Raw Food Diet For Cats – With Bonita Flakes

February 13, 2014 8:34 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)
Preparing Raw Food Diet For Cats – With Bonita Flakes FEBRUARY 13, 2014 BY FELINE AFICIONADA

FEBRUARY 13, 2014 BY 


Preparing a raw food diet is cutting edge but not for the faint at heart. Some cats may not eat raw food when first introduced, but trying a variety of meats like Mutton, Rabbit, or Mouse (yes there is a company that offers fresh ground raw mouse. It is natural for them to eat mouse, after all!) A key in picking a raw blend that will work for your cats taste.

 If you still need some enticing why not try adding a healthy topper-like delicious Bonita Flakes. While raw food has many advantages and health perks for felines – the whole concept of feeding raw meat is still very hard for some cat owners to wrap their heads around. Some reactions include “I just can’t imagine giving my cat raw meat” to “it’s gross.” 

Truth be told I had the same reaction. After seeing some of my clients and friends cats rebound from health issues and seeing a shiny new coat emerge when their coats were so, so- it’s getting more difficult to ignore the fact that raw food may have something to offer and those benefits outweigh the initial ‘YUCK’ factor. Feeding raw foods to animals is not a new concept really, and I’ve even know pet owners who cook homemade meals. 

While opponents to raw and homemade foods for pets claim that they aren’t balanced, some pet owners do a lot of pet nutrition research before undergoing a diet change for their cats. But once they decide that raw food and a meat based diet is the way to go for their cat, the challenge seems comes when implementing the new food slowly and figuring out just how you’re going to begin handling raw food on a daily basis.

 Here’s a tip from Feline Aficionada Tonia Evans, professional cat sitter, from Massachusetts. “I have clients that are feeding raw food, I defrost the frozen meat, which is the size of an ice-cube, by leaving it in the fridge overnight, and the next day, I divide it into bite size chunks. One of my clients suggested that her cat loves it when the Bonita flakes get put on top- the cat seems to love that!” Here are her step by step instructions for creating a Chef inspired raw creation.

1. Step One: Defrost Meat  You can easily defrost the cube of meat or small package of frozen raw food overnight in the fridge on a plate. 

2. Divide Meat Divide the meat into bite size chunks.

3. Add Toppings Sprinkle Bonita Flakes on each chunk and Smush in.

4. Serve! Disclaimer: please speak with a veterinary nutritionist before changing your cats diet- every cat has unique needs and you would need to have a healthy balanced diet.

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