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Standard Visit

We offer a Standard Visit-(No Special Needs Care) starting at $25/visit 1-3 cats 

  • Cats Stay In The Comfort Of Home 
  • They Enjoy Their Own Daily Diet 
  • They Receive Snuggle and Play Time Everyday 
  • ​Cat Parents Receive Texts and Pictures Daily

Visits tend to be about 30 minutes- depending on the cats interaction level and home care needs.

  • Greet kitties and assess health and comfort level.
  • Clean all the Bowls
  • Give fresh food and water 
  • Treat Time
  • Scoop litter boxes, sweep up around boxes
  • Play or snuggle with the cats (whatever their comfort level is for interaction),
  • Take in mail, papers, Dry Cleaning and any packages
  • Rotate lights and Curtains
  • Take in or put out trash/recycle barrels
  • Water a few house plants
  • Text or picture updates via cell/ Time To Pet APP
  • Any other services as needed we can quote you if there's any additional fee

Additional Costs

Holidays $10 additional Per Holiday
Brushing during cat sitting $10
Nail Trim during cat sitting $10 
Ear Cleaning during cat sitting $5

Each Additional Cat Sitting cat $2 (4th cat and up)
If you have one special needs cat and three healthy cats, the visit would start at the special needs pricing per visit and we would add $2 for the additional 4th cat. Would you like a quote for services?
I can be reached by calling 


FREE Initial Consultation

 It's our policy to schedule an initial meeting with you and your cats before we take on a service. We like to meet your cats and have them meet me, so its a good fit for everyone. There is no charge for an initial consultation.

  • Meet you and your pets
  • Get detailed information on their individual care and and medical care instructions
  • Go over their “normal” routine so we can provide the same care as mom and dad!
  • Pick up key to your home and get contact information for vet, local contacts, ER #’s etc
  • We can also send you 'Kitty Mail" -Texts & Picture updates while you’re away !
  • During the visit you can decide how many visits your pets will need, once, twice or more a day.
  • Payment is expected before services begin.

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