Professional Cat Sitter, Cat Consultant, and Humorist Speaker on Cat Care and The Feline Lifestyle!

Standard Visit

We offer a Standard Visit-(No Special Needs Care) starting at $25/visit 1-3 cats 

  • Cats Stay In The Comfort Of Home 
  • They Enjoy Their Own Daily Diet 
  • They Receive Snuggle and Play Time Everyday 
  • ​Cat Parents Receive Texts and Pictures Daily

Visits tend to be about 30 minutes- depending on the cats interaction level and home care needs.

  • Greet kitties and assess health and comfort level.
  • Clean all the Bowls
  • Give fresh food and water 
  • Treat Time
  • Scoop litter boxes, sweep up around boxes
  • Play or snuggle with the cats (whatever their comfort level is for interaction),
  • Take in mail, papers, Dry Cleaning and any packages
  • Rotate lights and Curtains
  • Take in or put out trash/recycle barrels
  • Water a few house plants
  • Text or picture updates via cell/ Time To Pet APP
  • Any other services as needed we can quote you if there's any additional fee

Additional Costs

Holidays $10 additional Per Holiday
Brushing during cat sitting $10
Nail Trim during cat sitting $10 
Ear Cleaning during cat sitting $5

Each Additional Cat Sitting cat $2 (4th cat and up)
If you have one special needs cat and three healthy cats, the visit would start at the special needs pricing per visit and we would add $2 for the additional 4th cat. Would you like a quote for services?
I can be reached by calling 


FREE Initial Consultation

 It's our policy to schedule an initial meeting with you and your cats before we take on a service. We like to meet your cats and have them meet me, so its a good fit for everyone. There is no charge for an initial consultation.

  • Meet you and your pets
  • Get detailed information on their individual care and and medical care instructions
  • Go over their “normal” routine so we can provide the same care as mom and dad!
  • Pick up key to your home and get contact information for vet, local contacts, ER #’s etc
  • We can also send you 'Kitty Mail" -Texts & Picture updates while you’re away !
  • During the visit you can decide how many visits your pets will need, once, twice or more a day.
  • Payment is expected before services begin.

About us

Feline Aficionada Tonia Fleming is a professional cat sitter, and speaker on cat care and the feline lifestyle. She has over 23 years experience specializing in healthy, senior, disabled and special needs cats. Read More


We are a cat care, content and e-commerce company -that revolves around the comfort and care of cats. 

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We operate as a Cat Care, Content, Video and E-Commerce Company - that revolves around the comfort and care of cats.   


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