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  • August 27, 2018 5:24 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

    Have you ever wanted to find a way to save on the cost of cat litter? some cat litters are very expensive and can still have odors, fragrances, and other issues. 

    I have many clients who are beginning to use Equine Pine Bedding pellets for their cats litter box material. It smells nice and is basically very easy to clean. 

    Its easy to scoop and easy to clean the box as well. 

    Here is a video of a guy that designed his very own litter box with a sifter system. I love it and want to try it too. Today I bought a large and heavy bag of pine bedding for $5.99 and as long as the cats will use this material I will see how it goes. 

    The example in the video allows for a small gap between the two boxes where, when he sifts the litter thats turned to powder, it just goes down underneath. 

    I might suggest adding a pee pee pad liner underneath to catch the powdered litter or even a cat liner -then you could just wrap it up and put it in the trash. If you have the ability to use it in a ornamental garden or compost for non-food gardens, then you would be able to compost the wood powder and that would be amazing because you wouldn't even be putting it in the trash. 

    Have you ever tried this type of litter? please share your feedback in the comments below. 

  • August 21, 2018 7:52 AM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

    If Cats hide their illnesses very well, how can you be sure they are healthy? 

    I'm in the same boat, I have a lot of cats to take care of and I try my best to stay on top of their needs, but sometimes my own illnesses have gotten in the way of staying current with my cats. In addition, it can be emotional taking them to the vet, and even though I know some cats really get sick and throw up on that drive to the vet, most do pretty well. So its no excuse for me. 

    If you don't really like taking your cat to the vet you could always consider giving an in-home vet a call. There are many veterinarians that will go to the home you just have to call around or google them in your area. 

    Also, if you would like to have a feline friendly practice where they will understand you and your cats needs then choosing a cat clinic may be the best place. 

    When you go to the vet, make sure to cover your cats carrier and to keep it off the floor and away from dogs. I always put the carrier facing me on my lap. 

    Check out this cool video on some examples of why taking your cat to the vet is well worth it. 

    If you're a Purr View Community Member let us know in the comments, what your cat's health is like right now. Do you think they need to go to the vet at least once a year?

  • August 18, 2018 7:40 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

    Do You Think It Would Be Fun To Play Cat-Opy Just Cuz it Looks Cool?

    I can't remember how I came upon my older version of Cat-Opoly, but during the last Christmas season I found a new version (with all the parts, LOL) for half price, at Walgreens and thought this is so cute I'm going to buy one and have some fun playing this at home with my husband.

    I Was Too Excited

    During the big snowstorm Bob Cyclone, my husband Dustin and I sat down to play it. I hadn't played Monopoly since very I was a young kid and didn't remember how it worked. Thank goodness Dustin had played it a lot with his family as a kid so he remembered.

    At first it was exciting reading all the stops on the board, like Scratch Pole and seeing all the breeds across the path. But after awhile I realized I did not like playing Cat-opoly. This game is boring and I lost all my money. So in my opinion, I would frame the board and hang it on the wall. 

  • July 17, 2018 9:11 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

    New England seems to be heating up. Its been hot, humid and oppressive for a few days in a row. For those with Air conditioning it makes sense to keep it on and cool the house during the heat of the day. But what if you're not home? What if you work and arent there to monitor the situation during the day? What can you do to ensure your cats are safe during a heat wave? First it may seem obvious but keeping the curtains drawn on the sides of the house the face the sun all day is a must. Its even better if you have thermal curtains that can block the sun from penetrating past the window and it resuces approximately 30% or more of the energy. Funny thing is that most cats I know prefer to sleep or stand in a sunny spot anyway .

    Senior cats are really the one's to worry about the most, especially if they have kidney disease or any other illness that would affect their ability to stay hydrated and regulate their body temperature. Early in my career, I took care of an eighteen year old cat with kidney disease and he got so hot in my clients un-air conditioned house that his Temperature went up over 102.5. Thats way too high! Plus he was lethargic, and dehydrated. Ideally the cat should have been rushed to the vet but the owners wouldn't allow it ( now I have a policy in place that avoids this loop hole) but I consulted with my vet and he suggested baby pedialite with no flavor. So I stayed up for hours and syringe fed him doses of that till his temperature came down!

    First, keep your cat inside. When its hot they can find places to hide outside but its still hot and cats can get sick. Keep them in a small space that is cooler. Cats don't seem to like a frigid a/c's but they will feel better if their environment is kept cooler and with low humidity. Next, keep a bowl of fresh water available and add water to their wet food if you need to add water in their system.

    Also, you could try smooth cotton sheets instead of throw blankets. Cat beds can be covered with them to keep things cooler. A oscillating fan can help a lot of cool the air. Lastly, hiring a cat sitter to check on your cats during the heat of the day will allow for someone to make adjustments and you'll have peace of mind knowing your cats are chilling at home.
  • June 24, 2018 9:18 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

    Shopping At Marshalls

    Last week I went shopping at Marshalls. I was looking for summer shoes, and possibly something to wear in a Carol Tuttle Type 2 energy color. If you haven't heard of that yet you can find out more about the Dressing Your Truth program online at Carol Tuttle and no I don't receive a commission for sharing it with you. Although I wish I did because I've been enjoying exploring my energy type and fashion for about a year now and I'm having so much fun.

    Pet Section

    While I was at Marshalls I had to visit the pet section to see what they had for cat lovers - and whalah they had a few beautiful items that jumped out at me. The first item was a cat food bowlI loved the colors and the cats as mermaids design. I've never seen cats depicted in that way and thought it was very playful and cute. I just always wish the pictures were on the outside as well because the pretty picture gets covered with cat food-right? I also liked the price point under $5.00! I'm kicking myself for not getting it! It was made by signature which is a well known pet dish manufacturer. Cat dosh by signature Next, I saw a poster. It had very interesting and relaxing colors. The cats were in unique shapes. It would be funny if they eyes were glow in the dark.

    Cat Art

    Finally, I found a great little cat item. I can't remember now if it was a bowl or a cat mug. It was plain and simple but cute with little ears. I could see any of these items in my cat cottage, how about you? Like these ? Let us know what kind of cat items you see out shopping - share in the comment section below. Let us know a local store and what city or town, state etc.  We'd love to know of some places where cat lovers can shop for feline finds!  Tonia
  • June 24, 2018 10:04 AM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)
    The summer is here and having fresh air has been a long awaited pleasure here at the cottage. Even the cats seek out time to look out the windows, watch the birds at the feeder and when I have the window open, we all enjoy the fresh air.

    Thats Albert, he doesn't really enjoy air conditioner fanning on him in the window below, even if its the fan setting. So yesterday I put his entire cat tree io on top of the bureau. He stayed up there all day but wasn't able to get down on his own. So my husband finally took him down for me and we moved the cat tree over near the other window.

    But over on the other window hammock was Zoro. He loves basking in the window from early in the morning until night time. He only leaves it to take his cat nap. Today we ran out of bird seed and he is giving me that look to refill it soon. We've had lots of cardinals and morning doves, crows, squirrels and even bunnies. Its amazing how many beautiful creatures live right here in my own back yard-I'm so blessed.
  • June 18, 2018 9:38 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

    Yesterday  I had lunch up at Pickity Place in Mason, NH - a farm to table restaurant just over the NH border. If you've never been to Pickity Place I highly suggest taking a trip for lunch. They offer a 5-course meal thats out of this world and you can choose from three seating times. Everyone gets basically the same meal but you can choose a vegetarian option. To view the monthly menu find it here.  

     Joining my friends for a ladies luncheon is a treat that I look forward to and it was wonderful to be able to go on a sunny relaxing day when we could explore the property. Pickity Place has beautiful gardens, where they get a lot of their vegetables and herbs, a green house with lots of garden decor, plants, wind chimes, banners etc., and they have two sheep there. They also have a gift shop with herbs and blends to take home.

    I sat in one of the chairs in the garden after lunch and enjoyed the peace and quiet, but it was warm. I didn't see any cats in the garden as I usually do, so maybe they were sleeping in a cool shady spot.

    Just down the street we explored White Home Collections, an 1860's house filled with over 40 vendors carrying shabby chic vintage themed items, bedding, clothes, garden decor and antiques. I have to go back there soon! It was one of those places that I needed much more time to look at things, and find treasures.

    Beautiful displays at White House Collection[/caption] It wasn't long before I attracted a cat! My favorite find of the day was Dexter, a tuxedo cat that spends his time laying in sunshine spots while entertaining visitors or staring deep into your eyes!

    Dexter- The House Cat at White House Collection[/caption] You can tell they really love Dexter too because each exit door has a note on it that asks shoppers to keep the doors closed, and informing you that Dexter is an inside cat. Sorry Dexter, us cat parents know what thats means 'You're a house cat!' He was so sweet. I really enjoyed breathing the fresh air of NH and spending time with friends. I hope you enjoyed that beautiful day too!
  • April 30, 2018 3:43 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

     Have you ever thought about your Cat's purr-sonality profile. People sometimes joke that that each of their cats personalities reveals something about their own personality traits - like mother like daughter, LOL.  Could it be true for you too? Carol Tuttle has a program that helps people figure out what type of dominant energy they have and helps people find fashion style and outfits that helps bring out your truth self.

    But recently, she also shared an article about how this same energy and personality is seen in our pets. Is your pet talkative and greets everyone or are they easy going and love to snuggle etc, You get the idea.

    You can find out more about this on her article Pet Personality.When you know what type your cat's are, either Type1, Type2, Type 3 or Type 4, please share with us on this blog article or on facebook! If you'd like to join Carol's program, go to Live Your

  • April 25, 2018 3:47 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)

    Are you bothered by cat litter odor? I'm not talking about the stinky cat boxes, I'm referring to the cat litter brands that smell like perfume right out of the box. And when you scoop dust and chemicals go in your nose, eyes and lungs. You know it's really bad when the smell lingers on your clothes!

    Chemicals In Litter Aren't Good

    As you may know, Ive become sensitive to dust and fragrances. It's been a challenge cat sitting as I'm exposed to every kind of cat litter on the market-mostly the strong fragrant ones. Most of the time Scooping litter boxes make me nauseous from the perfume fragrances because of the chemicals in the litter providing that perfumed are toxic to me. Or I start sneezing from the dust particles going up my nose and into my respiratory tract. Even when I wear a mask over my face I still have a reaction. I always feel like I will pass out in people's homes and I'm always sick for the rest of the day.

    Challenge For You

    Have you smelled your cat litter lately? You know, really smelled it? I bet you'd be surprised that it could have chemical fragrances. If you or your cat has asthma this can pose a legitimate health concern.

    New Option

    Today I experienced a new cat litter from Tidy Cat called Free and Clear. The litter isn't dusty, and doesn't have a fragrance. It scooped hard and clumps and I was impressed. It also has activated charcoal which has been proven better at absorbing cat urine odors that baking soda.


    • Fragrance free ( no chemical fragrance)
    • No Dust
    • Scoops hard clumps
    • Stays clean
    • Activated charcoal absorbs odors
    Im sure the cats enjoy the experience and I'm glad they're not exposed to chemical fragrances - especially lingering on their coats and paws. If you're looking for a litter brand option thats similar to the tidy cat scoop-able line consider giving this a try. It may help if you have an allergy, or your cat has allergies or asthma. Plus, Me and your cats will thank you!


    I also use World's Best, and Pellets made from cedar, paper and wood pellets used for horses. Thats for another post. The sooner you can begin eliminating fragrances from your cat litter box, the better the world will be.

    Tell Us What You Use

    We'd love to know what alternative allergy free litter works for your family. Please share a post!

  • March 16, 2018 3:52 PM | Tonia Fleming (Administrator)
      I just saw this funny youtube video for John St an advertising agency. Some videos that they included I don't like because the cats could have gotten hurt, like when the cat grabbed the ceiling fan,  but they just pulled them from the internet, they didn't create the youtube videos they are just using them to show humor. I do like the in-house production studio though, and how they pretend to story board the cat commercials -loved that! It is funny because they are over exaggerating how popular cat videos will be on the internet and with brand advertising.

    But I still believe marketers have a long way to go in reaching the feline market for real. It seems like every time they put out an ad its goofy or a subtle joke, instead of creating a great commercial for the cat parent. Purr View TV Show is moving more in the direction of a lifestyle/features program that celebrated the feline lifestyle for a mainly upscale, female market and I believe its time for great content cat lovers can appreciate. More on those new changes soon. As for this video, Watch it and you tell me what you think. They certainly produced a creative video. Check out their youtube channel for more information. Tonia

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