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This page consist of all our company policies for Feline Aficionada Enterprises, The Kitty's Corner and Purr View TV Show ℠ .

Collection, use and disclosure of personal information

We collect information in order to bring you great content and to connect and share it with you. We never sell your contact information. We use your email address to send you email newsletters and promotions. We also use your name when addressing your emails in some cases. In addition, when you become a member we ask you what state you are from and how many cats you have in your family. That just helps us understand our audience, the locations we serve and what types of cat families we serve. Our company is a content, video and commerce company focused on elevating the comfort and care of cats through our programs, blog articles, interviews, courses and more. 

Sitting Services 

The sitting services are under The Kitty's Corner. We offer cat sitting services to cat parents in and around Kingston Massachusetts only. 

Terms and Policy 

The Kitty’s Corner sole mission is to elevate the comfort and care of cats during their vacation. 

 By Working with our company, 

  • You certify that you assume financial responsibility for your cats,  and by signing the contract or activating the portal, you allow the The Kitty’s Corner to care for your cats while you're away. 
  • If your cat has a pre-existing medical condition you must inform us before services begin. 
  • If your pet has a medical issue while in The Kitty’s Corner’s care, you allow the staff to take the pet to a veterinarian to be treated and you agree to pay $15 for the veterinary trip fee, and to reimburse The Kitty’s Corner for and out of pocket expenses & veterinary bills. We make every effort to reach you or your local contact to make decisions and payment for vet care for your cats as soon as think there is a need. 
  • The Kitty’s Corner is not responsible for cats that are “Allowed” to go outside during our service dates-therefore we request that all cats stay in the comfort of inside the home during our service. 
  • In the event that there are family members or service people entering the house during the dates of care, The Kitty’s Corner is not responsible for their actions with the pets or the home, and will VOID our Pet Sitters Insurance. The is per the insurance company. We will work with you, expect that other people will be in the home, BUT then our pet sitters insurance will be Null and Void. 
  • Payment is expected at the start of services No Exceptions.  
  • If a client pre-pays and cancels less than 48 hours before the visit starts - no refund is given. 
  • When a client pre-pays and cancels 49 hours or more before the visit starts in advance 75% of the payment is refunded. or left on account for future visit. 
  • Once we start a service no refund is given
  • Refunds take up to 2 weeks. 
  • We accept cash, checks and credit card payments via Time To Pet App.
  • We charge a holiday fee of $10 for the day on Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas Even, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day
Payment is expected at the start of services No Exceptions.

Checks: We appreciate checks or cash. Current clients can leave a Check on Counter 
Credit Card: You may also pay with a credit card via Time To Pet App


We only offer dog walks and sitting to current clients. 

Dog Potty Breaks -short walk, fresh water and treaties

If a client has more than one dog in the same house then we only add on the additional dogs $2. for each additional dog. We can do this for just a potty break.

However, when a client has more than one dog in separate locations, (one in the house and another in an in law apartment)  we charge the dog walking fee for each and give a 10% discount on that second service, since we will be at the same address. This allows us to book in more time to give each pet's need. 

No discounts are given during a holiday. 

Dog Sitting Visit - longer visit, clean bowls, walk dogs, fresh food and water, home care as needed, clean up messes, give medications, treats, and snuggle/visit time. Take in mail, etc 

When a client has more than one dog, one in the house and another in another part of the house or barn and each needs their own visit and time allotted then we can't just add on the additional pet fee because there is more details that need time for each pet's sitting visit and we want to provide that time for each pet and their care. 

We can offer a 10% discount on the services since we will be at the same address.  

No discounts are given during holidays. 

Watch and Learn 

Purr View Tv Show ℠

Talks & Events 

Includes digital courses

Events Calendar 

Our events calendar is established for promoting our  programs, events, Talks and workshops and other programs. Events where we will have a table or where we will be filming or participating or we are a partner we will FEATURE these and promote them to our social network, members and email readers.

However, we also want to provide a listing of quality events that our member cat parents would love to know about in and around New England. We have the right to share any event we believe would interest our target audience and meet our criteria as a courtesy post. If you have an event that you would like to share on our public events calendar please contact us at

The criteria is: 

  1. The person submitting the event must be an active community member of Purr View Tv Show ℠ Membership
  2. The event must be focused on Cats, benefit cat welfare, or would otherwise interested cat parents, (See our Target Audience description)
  3. The Event must be in one of the New England States: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont or Rhode Island. 
  4. Then the event will be review by the manager of Purr View Tv Show ℠


Product Policies


Purr View Member Pricing 

Members receive a discount in the shop, on most items,  but you must be logged in as a member to utilize it. You can see the retail price of the product without the shipping at the bottom of the product description. 


Our online store can-not add on shipping at this time, so we have added a shipping fee into the final price. You can see the retail price of the product at the bottom of the product description. If you are a local cat sitting client we can bring items to you when we do cat sitting and there would be no shipping fee simply the retail price plus tax. 

Product Returns 

You can return a product to use in 14 days if you didn't like the product or there was a problem with it, after 14 days there is no refunds. We hope you do like all the items you  order but if you do have an issue or a question please contact me directly at 

Purr View Memberships

Membership Levels 

Currently, we have one membership level.  Purr View Community Memberships is a FREE online membership for cat parents and enthusiasts committed to elevating the comfort and care of cats through original programs. As a member, you get access to the growing cat tv and library of premium content, member-only events, access to courses (Coming Soon), Member Pricing in the Online Store, Special Promotions, and more. 

Members subscribe and receive email newsletters, news, blog articles, and New program announcements. They also can connect with other members and share their cat photos. 

Member Photo Albums

We offer members an opportunity to have a photo album on that they can share with other members, that photo album is only for cat pictures, all other images will be taken down. You may share a picture of you with your cats, but any images deemed inappropriate will be removed and your photo sharing privileges will be revoked. If you continue to share inappropriate images your account will be closed. 

Photo Album Privacy Settings

Every member can choose if they want to share their profile or photo album with other members  or not. Membership is private and only can be viewed by other members if you chose to.  Our policy is to allow photo albums for members for their cat pictures and members can decide when and if they want to activate photo albums or allow people to see them. For more details on how to manage your member account in wild apricot see New Member Guide.

Contact us

If you have any questions about our policies please contact us at 

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We are a cat care, content and e-commerce company - that revolves around the comfort and care of cats!

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