Professional Cat Sitter, and Humorist Speaker on Cat Care and The Feline Lifestyle!

Work With ME

My company operates as a cat care, content, video and e-commerce company that revolves around the comfort and care of cats.  

Our mission is to elevate the comfort and care of cats!

Our target audience are cat parents and enthusiasts

Our Secondary audience is professional cat caregivers through our pro courses and consultations.

  1. Hire me for Cat Sitting if you live in Kingston, Massachusetts.
  2. Take a Class: Talks & Workshops 
  3. Watch Our Programs On
  4. Shop Cat Products or Affiliate Links
  5. Share your story orYour Cat News at info @ purrview.  com
  6.  Advertise with us on our website and on videos 

Click To View Media Kit

Click To View Media Kit

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